Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rosie's Monday Night Tidbits

Things I like to keep in my sewing area:

Parchment Paper
Use when working with fusible material , place fusing between parchment paper to protect your iron and ironing board. The fusing won’t stick to the paper and you can clean the paper with a dry green scrubbie and use it again.
Use parchment paper to protect delicate material when pressing. Place paper over the delicate area and then press.

Things I can’t live without: Binding and Hem Clips
I recently used these while finishing the binding on a quilt. No more pin pokes and scratches, no more thread getting caught on the pins. It made stitching down the binding a pleasure and a breeze! And yes they look similar to the ones used as hairclips which would work just as well.

Something else I’ve fallen in love with: White Marking Pen by Clover
At first I didn’t like this pen, then I discovered if you wait a few minutes after marking the line shows up just fine. It doesn’t rub off as you are working either. But the best thing about this pen is the marking is removed with heat from an iron. So when you are done just touch a hot iron to it and it’s gone. Just be sure you are done with the mark before using an iron on it. Also if you need to make a change to your marking just erase it with the iron. And of course be sure the item you are working on can take heat and always test on a scrap first.
How cool is that!

Happy Stitching! Rose ♥


Tinker Pixie said...

Cool tips!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Rose - love the title of your blog!
Thanks for the helpful hints. Who would have thought - hair clips instead of continally sticking yourself with pins and definitely next on my list is the white marking pen! Thanks.