Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where Does the Time Go

It doesn’t seem possible it’s been over a month since I last posted. And my goal was to post at least once a week! I’m going to have to plan better.

Now for a month of updates: 

Detached Chain
TAST2012. While I’ve done most of the stitches I need to finish a few more. The detached chain stitch is one I use a lot especially for daisy flowers. I wanted to see how it would look with one of my meandering lines (doodles). I drew a double line to start (first I drew a curvy line and then added a second line following the first.) The first sample I started was a bit large to complete in a week so that one is now in the UFO (unfinished object) stash. The second one worked out great. I used a variegated pink pearl cotton thread. I stitched a detached chain along the lines with all of them facing in the same direction and then went back and filled in with detached chains facing the opposite direction. This uses more thread because you are going over the same cloth twice. I tried doing them all at once – one facing one way, one facing the opposite way but it worked easier and looked better doing them in two passes.
Close up of French Knos
In one section I anchored them with a French knot rather than a straight stitch. I like the texture this gives the piece. I couldn’t help thinking caterpillar though as I did them!

Some of the stitches I have used in other projects. The running stitch, couched stitch, and wheel stitches I have used in the January Crazy Quilt block for the CQ2012 Challenge. They were also used in my Crazy Quilt elephant block. Pictures of those coming up later this week.
I have done a sampler of the other stitches (thank you Sharon for the catch-up week!), here they are:

Running Stitch

Chain Stitch
Woven and Whipped Wheel Stitch
This one I love doing. This piece is called sun spots and I used a yellow variegated pearl cotton for all of them. Some have an odd number of legs some have an even number of stitches. The top one was done over a bead and button blank so it is very dimensional. The one to the left of it was started as a ribbed web and then I just wrapped each leg separately for a distance and then I went back to the ribbed web. When I was finished I decided the blank pieces needed something so I added a French knot in each one but I couldn’t stop there so I completely filled the white sections with French knots! I then added a French knot at the end of each leg. The one just below it was started following the tutorial on Annet's blog. But I decided  not to do the entire piece so I left the outside ring blank and added French knots at the end of each spoke. Can you tell I like French knots?  The next one to the right was done half and half. I did the ribbed one and then added the other legs and did a plain woven one. The tiny one is a woven one to the left of it is a ribbed one and the last one was ribbed, woven, and then the legs were wrapped individually and French knots added to the ends. I really enjoyed doing this one and plan to do more.

Barred Chain Stitch
 I had a hard time getting the rhythm of this stitch but finally succeeded.

Alternate Barred Chain Stitch
This stitch was even harder for me to get a rhythm going but perseverance pays off!

Happy stitching!


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