Monday, January 27, 2014

Step Back!

I’ve been working on some projects hoping to get them to a place where I can finish them on Friday for some FIF posts. While working on getting the embroidery done on the three remaining geometry/shape flashcards that I started a while back I realized something that I may have even posted about before.
That is the need to sometimes step back well actually step away from the project in hand.
 C is for Circle Flash Card
I was working in the C is for Circle card and on the largest circle I was contemplating covering the entire circle with the chain stitch using the different colors I have used on the other cards. But it just didn’t seem right. So after the first three rows of turquoise I stopped. Still not sure what I wanted to do, I rather liked it as it was but I was seeing it up close. So I put it aside and looked at it once in a while. Still wasn’t sure.
Three unfinished cards
Then I put it up on my design wall and stepped back. Yes I like it just as it is! Filling in the entire circle would be too overpowering for the other two cards in the set.

All four flash cards
Of course when I add the fourth card to the mix it would probably be okay to fill it in but I think when I do the third circle I can fill it and it will help balance the cards as a whole. Now to decide what stitch to use in the third circle.

So my hint for Monday - take a step backwards to see the whole picture!

Stepping back for a better look!



margaret said...

I so agree filling it in would have made it too heavy, are you planning to do the whole alphabet? love what you have done so far and yes taking a step back is a good idea, I have a pinboard, not big but pin my crazy bocks and small things on it and often I see something that needs sorting, mind you I think I also miss things that could be improved on too.

Rose said...

Thank you Margaret! I would like to do the entire alphabet but I'm not sure what to do for some of the letters. Like the letter B right now I'm considering doing bars. Having a design wall was one of the best decisions I made when setting up my sewing/crafting room when we moved to Texas. That and putting up some pegboard panels.

karen said...

I love these Rose, truly. Such a brilliant project and executed beautifully.