Saturday, August 9, 2014


Embroidery finished and hanging on my wall

Well I almost made it! Fell asleep while waiting for the glue to dry completely and so I am a little into Saturday with my Finish It Friday project.
Note to self:
Don’t forget to sand the hoop before painting so the paint will adhere better.

Trying to paint before sanding the hoop

Second Note to self:
Be sure to check the size of the fabric to the size of the final hoop before starting. Note the one edge that barely has enough fabric on the back side. Not easy to work with. 

Fabric too short on one side of the hoop
I did happen to have another 5 inch hoop that was a wee bit smaller than this one. I almost didn’t buy it but changed my mind at the last minute and purchased all of the “5 inch hoops”. Good thing! Of course that meant I had to paint another hoop before I could continue. 

See what I mean: sometimes even the seemingly simple finish becomes complicated!

Finished It Friday (well almost)!

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karen said...

Ta Da indeed!! this is gorgeous Rose...