Monday, October 13, 2014

Golf Tee to the Rescue!

What? A golf tee? But I don't golf!
Extra Long Golf Tee
Okay, I know you all think I’ve lost it but I was doing some work the other day with a small item that needed to be turned right side out and this is what happened. I turned the item and then needed something to push the corners out, etc. I just happened to have an extra long golf tee that was sent to me in an order of regular tees (these tees are used in my Needle Nabbers which by the way will be on sale in my shop until the end of the month. Need to clear the way for a new and improved design!).
Pink Needle Nabbers
I grabbed the extra long golf tee and it worked perfectly! Didn’t poke through the fabric, it was great.
Then I had to stuff the item (remember it’s small as in the pincushion for my Close at Hand wristpincushion).

Close At Hand Blue Pincus
How’s that two plugs! Well I again grabbed the golf tee and used the top where the golf ball sits to push the stuffing and the bottom to get the stuffing up into the corners.
.I also used it as a scoring tool on some card stock! Who knew such a simple item could be sew handy!

And one final (for now) use: use it to hold your fabric (like a stylus, I think there’s another word for this but I can’t think of it right now – lol!) as you are feeding it through your sewing machine.

Happy Stitching and Crafting (You never know what you’ll find around you house to use as a sewing/crafting tool!)



margaret said...

certainly you have found lots of uses for this handy tool

karen said...

a golf tee...who knew!! Improvisation at its best Rose....and no, I don't think those images will be on flickr, it was so long ago.