Monday, January 16, 2012

Popping In with TAST

Just popping in to add my week two progress for the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) Challenge run by Sharon from PinTangle. The buttonhole/blanket stitch is one that I’m familiar with. I have used it on the crazy quilt block I started in Sharon’s online class. No it isn’t finished yet but I haven’t given up on it. I tend to bounce from project to project putting aside something I’m working on when I’m not sure what to do next on it or I’m just tired of it. The elephant block is hanging near my stitching work area reminding me I need to add some more to it.
Elephant Crazy Quilt Block

Meanwhile I started a CQ (Crazy Quilt) block a month challenge which I have cut the base fabric for and am busy collecting my fabrics for January, mainly white and blue for a snowy wintry day. And as if that isn’t enough I’ve decided to take another online class in embroidery given by Karen Ruane. So I’m playing catch up with that one. As the work progresses I will add photos and notes about them.

Here’s my buttonhole/blanket sampler so far.
Buttonhole Sampler
On the sampler there are a variety of variations of the buttonhole stitch. There are more variations but I am not a fan of precise stitching (well I enjoy looking at it but not doing it) so I tend to stop working on the sampler and go to my doodling instead. You’ll notice on the white on white piece that some of the stitches are closer together than others and some are shorter than others. I like the organic look this gives. I would love to here your comments on my work.

Buttonhole Doodle
And here is my random work using the buttonhole stitch on one of my wandering doodles. I used white floss and a creamy white background to test out working white on white. While doing this project I realized that I needed to hold my fabric sideways in order to stitch. The sampler was started trying to do the stitches top to bottom (or bottom to top) vertically in other words. If I work horizontally they turn out much better. I am left handed and often have to try different ways of doing embroidery stitches until I am happy and comfortable.
Sorry I haven’t come up with a name for this piece yet.

Happy stitching!


jenclair said...

I love your CQ block--the colors, design, the elephant!

crazyQstitcher said...

ohhh, those beautiful trees.
...and the rest of the piece.

Your earlier TAST is lovely.