Friday, March 14, 2014

Done and Done!

Despite problems with my sewing machine I managed to finish the three flash cards. So now I have four shape or geometric flash cards. The question is will I make more? I didn't plan these very well and did not leave enough room top and bottom of each design when I printed them on the fabric. I will be more careful with this if I decide to make more. I will continue to use an additional black and white fabric with as close to the shape in the card as I can find.  The circle fabric was a little too spaced out so it only looks good on the top portion.
Shape Flash Cards
The embroidered petroglyphs are also finished. I had to do some more painting first on the inside of the outside hoop. I realized when I went to put them together that it would show the original wood finish if I didn't paint. Then I placed the embroidery in the hoop and tightened the hoop as tight as I could. After letting it set for a while I loosened the hoop and removed the inside hoop without disturbing the outer hoop. By letting it sit for a while an indentation was made in the fabric that I could use as a guide to replace the inside hoop once I had placed glue around the outside of it. After placing the inside hoop back on the fabric I tightened the screw on the outer hoop and let it sit to dry. (I used a fabric glue that works as quick as a hot glue gun without the mess and heat.) 
Embroidered Petroglyphs
The back of the petroglyph embroideries had a fusible interfacing so I decided I would not need to cover the back of the stitching with felt as I have on other projects. I also may go back and add some narrow rickrack on the back of the hoop to try and hide the cut fabric. I've done that on other hoop projects too.

For close ups of these projects check out my Flickr account.
Now to get ready for next Friday!

Done feels good!

Wow it’s Friday already! Time for FIF:Finish It Friday!

I’m back to trying to finish some items on Friday. First up are the three Flash Cards I’ve been trying to finish for several weeks now. So fabric in hand and sewing machine at the ready here we go!

Flash Cards to finish

Next I’ve selected some embroideries I had done since April of 2011. Yes 2011 and the only thing they needed was to get permanently framed in hoops. Only thing was I wanted the hoops to be black. When I first tried painting a hoop the paint didn’t take well so I laid it all aside. Now I’ve sanded the frames, painted them black and I’m ready to go with the finishings. 

Embroidered Hawaiian Petroglyphs

I’ll be back later to show the results (hopefully).

Happy Finishing Friday!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello there! WWW

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts! My surgery went well. The tumor was a very small one and only Stage 1A cancer so no more treatment is needed, just watching me closely for a while. I’m feeling great just have to be sure I don’t overdo it with lifting etc.
I have been slowly getting back into stitching so this is what I have in progress this Wednesday.
I finished a block for my quilt guild’s monthly block exchange, I’m only two blocks behind now!
Scrappy Blues Block

My first fifteen minute project is now complete. It was surprisingly easy to keep it going. The day of surgery and two days of recovery did not see any stitching but I made it up later in the week by stitching extra fifteen minute periods. Thirty eight days later the monkey is now done but I think he will just go in the box with all the rest of my TAST2012 pieces. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. (Please don’t ask how many French Knots are in that piece!) I did add ears which were not in the original scribble. Generally I do not add any lines or scribbles to one once the pencil leaves the paper or fabric but he just needed some ears so they were scribbled in.
French knot monkey 15 minutes a day priject
I’ve gotten back to working on my summer hexagon project that I started last year using embroidery designs from Wild Olive. I modified a few of them. This is my first time making hexagons and I struggled with sewing them together. I worked at it during a few of the Friendship Stitchers group I belong to. Then I decided I really want to get it finished (I have the designs for Fall, Winter, and now Spring waiting in the sidelines). So I started doing it as one of my just fifteen minutes a day projects but I got carried away with it and worked more than fifteen minutes. So it is getting done a little faster than expected.

Summer Hexagon Embroidery Pioject
Painted hoops
Next I painted some outer embroidery hoop frames in anticipation of another Finish It Friday project. I’m hoping this Friday to have some results to show.

Happy Stitching! 


Friday, February 14, 2014

The 15 Minute Project Update

Monkey French Knot Scribble 10 days later

Here’s my monkey scribble after 15 minutes a day stitching since the last posting. Can’t believe I’ve gotten this far with him. I do need to add his ears. I don’t normally add anything to a scribble but I am making an exception to this one for the ears.

Nest in Tree 
My other 15 minute project has taken a detour, I’ll explain later when I have some photos to show. But this is where it is at for now. I won’t be stitching on it for a while. Need to do some planning.
One more thing I did this week was for a special order in my Etsy shop. These are hope rocks in felt pockets. My son does the etching and I make the heart pockets. And I finished them today so they are my FIF (Finish It Friday) for this week! 
Hope Rocks in Felt Pockets
My posts will probably be sporadic for now since I will be having surgery on Monday. I hope to get back to a more normal posting schedule in a few weeks.
Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts!

Happy Stitching! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WWW - The 15 Minute Project

So I posted last Friday a picture of my scribble French Knot monkey that has been sitting in a pile of unfinished projects. I knew I had too much to do to be able to finish it in a Friday. So I decided to just work on it 15 minutes a day, you know, slow and steady. Here it is as of today.

Monkey Face 
Can you see the progress? I’m not the fastest stitcher for sure but I am actually enjoying my fifteen minutes a day with it. I read somewhere recently that our attention holds onto something for about 28 minutes. So we should set a 28 minute time limit for each project and at the end of 28 minutes go on to something else. Well I’m not sure that is really true as I know I can get started stitching and lose all track of time. Now when it comes to cleaning or organizing well yeah
about 28 minutes as all I can handle!

I’ve decided to take the 15 minute approach to some of my other projects that I have sitting around waiting for some attention. This is a piece I started back in 2012 while taking an online class from Sharon Boggon.
Bird Nest in a tree
It is a monochromatic encrusted nest in a tree. What you don’t see the encrusting? Right. It’s not there yet. I got stuck on the tree part. 
Here's a close up on the tree which I worked on today.
Tree stitching
I really would like to get it finished all though I’m not sure what I will do with it when I’m done stitching. I’ve added some more stitching (couching) to the main tree section and I’m happy with it. There is one stitch that sort of sticks out like a sore thumb but I think I know how I will fix that. Anxious to get started on the nest. You can read more background about this piece in this post

And I’m not sticking to my fifteen minutes on this piece. I may go over that time if I get really into what I am stitching on it. I think when I get to the encrusted nest part I will happily get lost in it.
Only time will tell.

Happy Stitching Wednesday!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

FIF:Finish It Friday! Didn’t Happen!

Well this week Friday didn’t see any finishing. Not that I didn’t try! I had planned to finish the next three flash cards that I started a while back. So I finished embroidering the circles.
Circles finished

Love how the running stitch one turned out. I wasn’t sure when I started it but as I saw it progress I liked it more and more. I will have to experiment with doing the running stitch in multiple rows. I think it has potential!

Then I damp stretched the three. Friday I cut the inside stiffening material, and looked through my black and white fabrics for suitable candidates. If you look closely at the “T is for Triangle” one you will notice that I used a white fabric that had little tiny black triangles on it. Now I know I won’t be able to continue this theme if I decide to make more shape flash cards but I wanted to try for the next three. 

Fabrics to chose and inside stiffener cut
One is a very busy print but if you look closely (for a better look at any of my photos just click on them) it is made up of angles. Good! Next came the dots and I waffled between the tiny, tiny white dots on black fabric or the larger black dots on white fabric. I think I will use the tiny dots for the dot card. Next came the circles, the black fabric with the white circles in different sizes is good but the fabric is more of a silky where the others are cotton or cotton blends. I think I will look for a different fabric for the circle one and while I’m at the store (excuse to go shopping!) I will check for the other two also. Just in case there is something that will work better. I’m thinking if I do continue with more flash cards I may just have to design my own fabric and have it printed professionally!

Monkey from 2012
The other thing I did was decide to try and stitch French Knots for 15 minutes a day on my monkey face scribble I started back in 2012.He’s been staring at me for a while wondering when I was going to give him some attention. One day he too will be a Finish It Friday project.
Monkey today
Plus I had my grandson with me most of Friday and he’s my best reason for not getting more finished. Any time I get to spend with him is a joy filled day!

Well at least I didn't start any new projects on Friday!

Happy Finishing ( or almost finishing!)!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WWW or What I’ve Been Working On Wednesday - Staying Calm

Trying to stay calm, that’s WWW. Had a call from my doctor yesterday. The news was not great. I have cancer. Trying to stay calm. Went for an appointment with her today to discuss what the next steps should be. Just trying to stay calm. It is the most common of female cancers and the most treatable. That’s good. Will need to have surgery soon to remove the offending organs. OK – still staying calm. Why? Not “why me” but why am I being calm about all of this? Because I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand. I know my God has my back and His purpose for this is for good. Jesus told me years ago that everything was going to be okay. I believed Him then and I believe Him now. He has never ever failed me. And so I am calm and secure knowing that I am in His loving hands.
Because of this though, I have not achieved a lot for this Wednesday’s post. 
C is for Circle Flash Card

I plan to have my “C is for Circle” flash card finished so I can damp stretch the three cards in time for finishing them on Friday.

I’ve unraveled my laces and trims so they no longer look like this:
but are being stored neat and tidy like this.
Tidy laces and trims ready for storage

I finished a scarf for my grandson using some leftover fleece with a basketball design on it. He really doesn’t like wearing scarves or hats so I haven’t gotten a good photo of him with it yet. But I will.
Jaden and his new scarf

The last thing on my desk is all of the journaling/organizing books and handouts my daughter has given me for this year. I really want to start filling out these tools but keep putting it off. That is why they are now spread out on my table along with some washi tape she has given me and some colorful pens I bought recently. I’m trying to tempt myself/ encourage myself into getting started. Once I start I will be into it. Funny how that getting started seems to be the hardest part.
Journals, worksheets, pens and tapes

Happy Wednesday!