Friday, April 6, 2012

Now For Some Crazy Quilt Updates!

Elephant Block

The elephant block

The elephant block is coming along. Seems like it is taking a long time but there are long spells in between where I don’t pick it up at all. When I do the stitching goes quickly.
Paisley with ribbed wheel

I’ve added some paisley (sort of) designs to the block. One has a woven wheel (some places call these webs) and the other has a ribbed wheel.
Paisley with woven wheel
Other than that they were both done the same way. First there is a chain stitch followed by an overlapping fly stitch, another row of chain stitch and finally the French Knots.

Next I added some straight stitch tassels to the border treatment. I like how they look like they are moving.

Tassels added

Finally I got around to adding a couched spider web in the corner of one section. I plan to add a spider but haven’t decided on the technique.

Couched spider web
I still have some trim to add to the block as well as some mirrors and maybe some more stitching before I’ll be ready to add the buttons and beads and then ready it as a wall hanging.


The January block is finished except for finishing touches of buttons and beads. I won’t add those until I assemble the blocks into one piece. I really like the snow angel and ice skates I embroidered. Winter always reminds me of those two activities. The ice skates were done by tracing them onto some tissue paper and then using sewing machine thread with a back stitch to mark them on the block. This is the first time I’ve used this technique and I’m sure I’ll use it more frequently. The thread I used was a little thick for this so I’ve tracked down some 40wt thread locally and will try that next. There are some snowflakes and an attempt at icicles along with other stitching.
 February block is being worked on with French Knots around the center heart, laces, and trims. I think I’m going to stick with the pink colors and off white or cream. I may add a touch of gold as I have a gold cupid button I plan to add when it is finished.
March has been pieced and a lion and a lamb have been outlined using the tissue paper method this time trying a single strand of embroidery floss. They will be filled out with French knots and other stitches. The reason for the lion and the lamb is because of the saying that March comes in like a lion (I know it should be a roaring lion but I couldn’t find one I liked plus I didn’t want to scare my grandson!) and goes out like a lamb.
 April is being planned with some gray fabrics, rainbows, rain, umbrellas, etc. Well you get the picture April showers bring May flowers. I think you can guess what May’s block will look like!

Name Badge
I finished my name block (well finished enough that I could use it). I still plan to add some yoyo’s and buttons around the outside edge and on the neck strap. I may need to make another one where my name is larger. We’ll see.

Next up will be a post showing my satin stitch sampler for TAST2012 and a praise report. Stay tuned and in the meantime:

Happy stitching!


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