Monday, July 2, 2012

How to avoid this:

Loose threads

I used to have lots of these “messes”. A lot of people would just toss them but not me1 After all there just might be that last piece of thread needed to finish a project. So this is what I do. I only save pieces that are long enough to work with. The rest go in my ORTS jar or to the birds to add some color to their nests.
The ones I’m keeping will be put onto a ring such as a carbone ring. I add them using an overhand knot. To do this fold the thread in half, put the loop that is formed under the ring and then pull the ends through the loop. Note: this doesn’t work so well with “slippery threads” such as rayon or nylon.
Threads on a carbone ring

You can use the ring for random threads, for threads prepped for a project, or by color. It would be a good way to see how colors work together also.

These rings can be hung from pegs on a pegboard, tacks on a bulletin board or even a hook placed near your work area.

If you use this idea for a project that you carry around with you it will take up little space.

Happy stitching!


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JennyPennyPoppy said...

Excellent idea! I have an orts jar for my little bits but my longer threads all get put into a box where they seem to delight in getting all tangled up.