Friday, January 17, 2014

FIF:Finish It Friday Week 2!

Here we go! I’ve been thinking off and on all week about what I would like to finish today. As I mentally went through some of my candidates I had two that stood out. Unfortunately when I started examining them to see how close they were to being finished I had forgotten some of the steps I wanted/needed to do. So I decided they would not be accomplished today. That leads me to think I should make notes to stick with the item as to what still needs to be done to them. That way I will have a plan for getting them to the finishing state (always good to have a plan right?). And then I will know when they will fit into a finishing Friday. Some Fridays I will probably have more time to work
on something and some Fridays a little less time. Here’s the top two that didn’t make the cut.
Top two projects that needed more than a little work

So now what to do for today? I’m still trying to pick something that will take a small amount of time to finish mainly because I need to give myself some encouragement. If I choose something that needs more than a little work and I don’t get it finished I will be disappointed. (Well I know I shouldn’t be disappointed as long as I have moved it along towards being finished.)
So here’s today’s project. I have a few button barrettes that just need the clasp added and they will be ready to list in my Etsy shop (well ready after I take some photos!). I also have one of my own that needs repairing. The purplish one has an ink stain on the back so that will go into my private collection. (I need a purple one anyway!)
Easy finishes just add clasps

I’ll be back later with the end results!

fingerless glove replacement

Oh yes and my son lost one of the fingerless gloves I made him and he asked if I could make a replacement for it. So I started it yesterday and finished it today.

Happy Finishing!



margaret said...

the buttons are a great idea, have thousands of them myself. I know only too well about loosing a glove and as for hats well I have none left, blame it on the buses as I take them off when travelling and then must drop them off my knee when I get off, nobody ever hands them in but when I find things I do.

karen said...

love to see all those buttons piled together Rose. There's something very special about buttons.