Monday, January 20, 2014

Sometimes Ideas Just Pop Out Of The Blue.

I had meant to post this last Monday but I couldn’t find the items to take photos of so I put it off thinking I would do it on Tuesday (has Monday night tips and tricks become Tuesday tips and tricks?). Well that didn’t happen either because it was late Tuesday before I found them and I had to dash off to my quilt guild meeting.
Plastic Paper Clips

These were something I bought thinking I could use them as an aid when I was working on something. My idea did not work (and it took me a long time to remember what the idea was but I did remember whatever it was it did not work!). And I was a little bummed because I had spent a few dollars on something that I could have spent elsewhere. Oh well!

I have since remembered what the original thought was. I came across a hexagon project I have been slowly working on and the “aha” moment came. I thought these little clips could hold my hexagons together as I stitched them to each other. That did not work. They do not open up enough to grasp the thicknesses of the fabric and the card stock.

So I put them aside thinking maybe they’ll land up in a garage sale one day.

Then the other day I was working on sorting out my ribbons that had gotten all tangled up when I thought “hey maybe I can use those clips to hold the rolled ribbon nice and neat and keep them from intertwining with each other”. So I searched for the clips and tried it out. Happy camper here! Worked on most of my loose ribbons (a few were too thick but that’s okay).
Clips holding my ribbons nice and tidy

Now I may just have to go and purchase some more of these!

Happy Camper!



margaret said...

it just shows us it is worth keeping things as they find a use in the end and this has certainly paid off for you, no more tangled ribbons

karen said...

they are so useful for that purpose Rose. They would work just as well with trims too....I must try and find something similar.