Friday, March 14, 2014

Done and Done!

Despite problems with my sewing machine I managed to finish the three flash cards. So now I have four shape or geometric flash cards. The question is will I make more? I didn't plan these very well and did not leave enough room top and bottom of each design when I printed them on the fabric. I will be more careful with this if I decide to make more. I will continue to use an additional black and white fabric with as close to the shape in the card as I can find.  The circle fabric was a little too spaced out so it only looks good on the top portion.
Shape Flash Cards
The embroidered petroglyphs are also finished. I had to do some more painting first on the inside of the outside hoop. I realized when I went to put them together that it would show the original wood finish if I didn't paint. Then I placed the embroidery in the hoop and tightened the hoop as tight as I could. After letting it set for a while I loosened the hoop and removed the inside hoop without disturbing the outer hoop. By letting it sit for a while an indentation was made in the fabric that I could use as a guide to replace the inside hoop once I had placed glue around the outside of it. After placing the inside hoop back on the fabric I tightened the screw on the outer hoop and let it sit to dry. (I used a fabric glue that works as quick as a hot glue gun without the mess and heat.) 
Embroidered Petroglyphs
The back of the petroglyph embroideries had a fusible interfacing so I decided I would not need to cover the back of the stitching with felt as I have on other projects. I also may go back and add some narrow rickrack on the back of the hoop to try and hide the cut fabric. I've done that on other hoop projects too.

For close ups of these projects check out my Flickr account.
Now to get ready for next Friday!

Done feels good!


margaret said...

two very good projects you are working on, thought you were going to do the whole alphabet in the flash cards but can see that us a major task. Have checked in the dictionary but no mention of petroglyhs but they are very nice all the d

karen said...

I love the flash cards Rose, I know I've said that before but they are very special and beautifully composed little works of art

Rose said...

Thank you Margaret and Karen!
Here's the definition Margaret.
I don't know why but when I was typing in my post it wasn't recognized as a word.
plural noun: petroglyphs
a rock carving, esp. a prehistoric one.