Friday, September 5, 2014

And Done!

Stitched - check
Blue Marker Removed - check
Dried - check
Damp Stretched - check
Hoop Sanded - check
Hoop Painted - check
Embroidery in hoop and glued - check
Excess Fabric Removed - check
Hang on Wall - check
Planning Next one - check.

I'm thinking I might have embroidered with blue thread along the first running stitch following the scribble. See the previous post to see what it looked like with the blue marker still showing. Had considered using a blue thread along that line but decided to leave that for another scribble. 


margaret said...

very nice scribble the black is such a good contrast. I seem to using black quite a lot these days, makes a change from green that is usually op of my list

Annet said...

Love this doodle! Thanks for taking the time to leave so many comments on my blog, I appreciate it!

karen said...

this is o dramatic. The black and white makes a bold statement, love it! and no, I don't use that sewing machine....