Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Friday!!!

And I should be working on a Finish It Friday item but the problem is I am not at a point of finishing anything today. I do have some items to move forward though, actually I have a lot of items that could do with some moving forward actions. So I’ll try and pick a few.
Scribble Love Embroidery

I have been working on another 15 minutes (or more) a day scribble embroidery that I could finish the embroidery on today and maybe even get it damp stretched but I don’t think I could get it framed and ready for hanging. I think I will at least get the hoop I plan to use for framing it painted. I decided I would like to use an oval hoop because I like the way it looks in the working oval hoop. And I think I will paint the hoop blue.
Student's needle nabbers

This week I had the opportunity to teach a group of ladies how to make my Needle Nabber flower. I sell these online in my Etsy shop and I have sold a number of them at a quilt shop on the Big Island of Hawaii. I think the shop is currently out of them. When I pulled out my supplies for the class I discovered I had a lot of these almost completed. I had totally forgotten how far along they were, I just need to paint the disks they sit on and make the crochet doilies to cover the disk. So since I’m painting today I will paint some disks for these. I also have an order for two more kits from one of the ladies in my class. I have the supplies but really need to improve on my written instructions. They were done in a hurry and I need to add more information to them and also add some photos of the different steps. So I think I have my work cut out for me. I’m watching my grandson this afternoon so I will plan to embroider or crochet while he is napping.

Happy Finishing Friday!



karen said...

I do love your scribbles Rose.....I hope the teaching went well!

margaret said...

the scribbles love is lovely! Very pretty flowers too

Rose said...

Thank you Karen and Margaret!