Friday, September 12, 2014

Now That Feels Good!

Finished the kid's block with only a little un-stitching, re-stitching. 

Frogs and Ladybugs block finished

And I even finished the black and white one! This one I'm not sure about though so I may make another one, I have time - lol.

Black and White Block Done
But I must say it does feel good to have them done 4 and 1/2 weeks ahead of time rather than months behind!

Happy that I finished my FIF today!


margaret said...

2 good blocks I rather like the fussiness is that the right word? of the second one, so many fabrics it looks great to me

karen said...

there is such beautiful contrast here Rose and they are both lovely blocks.

Rose said...

Thank you Margaret and Karen! I like the fussiness of the black and white also and it's only three fabrics!