Friday, October 10, 2014


What I hope to finish today
Finish It Friday. I'm thinking this should be easy today. I plan to frame my Love embroidery in the oval hoop. Then I need to crochet two more doilies for my Needle Nabbers, starch all the doilies and then slip them on their flower pots and glue the pot to the painted disks. Oh yes and put the felt on the bottom of the disks. The Needle Nabbers will be packaged and sent to Hawaii for sale in a quilt shop just as soon as I can get new ink for my printer and print the insert and header cards that go with them. I may even get that done today!
The quilt blocks in the background are for the Wounded Warrior quilt I am assembling and I hope to get some additional squares ready for working on tomorrow. Saturday is my Sabbath and I like to work on “doing good”. I think making quilts for WW and others will count as “doing good”.

Happy Finishing Friday!



margaret said...

certainly no time for you to get bored with all you plan to do today, I am sure you will achieve it all and maybe even do more than planned

karen said...

what a beautiful picture Rose, so many things I want to look at closely, pick up and examine.