Sunday, January 4, 2015

My 2015 Word

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Last year I chose a word for the year - Celebrate! I didn't really pursue the word or even try to live it daily. This year I have decided to be a member of His Kingdom Come and follow along with the Logos365 group. No promises now but I hope to be more consistent and will post now and again about my progress. So here goes!

Originally my word for 2015 was going to be discipline. Or to be more specific - self-discipline. I felt that would help be get more organized and orderly. But today in service the guest pastor spoke about getting one word for the year. The word she chose at least for the church was contentment. I thought that was a good word and one that I could certainly work on but as she developed the message she mentioned James 3:16:

Where there is jealousy and selfishness, there is also disorder and every kind of evil.

Something hit me; I had been a very jealous and selfish person. The LORD helped me to see the root of my jealousy (it was aimed at a certain type of people who I saw as better than myself) which stemmed from a traumatic childhood experience. With HIS help I overcame that jealousy but still live in a world of disorder. I began to wonder during that service if that was the direction my thoughts and my word should take me. It was still dealing with the area of my life that I felt I needed to work on but it put it in a different perspective for me. Could my disorder be a remnant of my past where jealousy and selfishness ruled?

Originally I thought it was just a lack of discipline and I think a part of it is still related to that area but sometimes we need to dig a little deeper and find the cause or root of the problem. So I have decided to make order (the opposite of disorder) my word for 2015. My desire is by the end of 2015 to have disorder removed from my life and order restored.

What about the last part of that verse? Every kind of evil. I know evil exists in the world and that it would like to take hold of us. But I believe since giving my life to Christ and being baptized in Jesus name and filled with His Spirit that evil has no hold on me. However while working on the disorder in my life I will be asking Jesus to also reveal to me any evil that may be in me or trying to inch it’s way in me.

For now though I looked up the opposite of disorder and this is what I found on

What's the opposite of disorder? Here's a list of antonyms for this word.
As a verb:
Order, arrange, calm, clarify, clear up, comfort, compose, enlighten, explain, neaten, organize, soothe, tidy, conform, regulate, systematize
As a noun:
Order, method, organization, rule, system, tidiness, arrangement, conformity, health, orderliness, calm, harmony, peace, quiet, agreement, calmness, happiness

I like that, both as a verb and a noun. I think by addressing the disorder in my life in 2015 I will find more calm, more harmony, more peace, and more happiness. 

Looking forward to what 2015 and Jesus have in store for me!


margaret said...

order sounds good but also like contentment I such apply both! With our Lord on your side you cannot go wrong

karen said...

I love the word ''contentment'' but your choice is equally appropriate. I could do with some order myself. :)