Friday, January 30, 2015

Starting and Stopping

It’s Friday Again! Let’s Move It Forward and Finish It.
Last Friday I had every intention of getting a few things finished. That didn’t happen. Some were moved forward but nothing was finished. I will say in my defense though that this little girl has my priority. 
Fast asleep on Tutu Rose

So a lot depends on her and how much she sleeps. When she’s awake and not being fed we are playing and talking together. Not that you would understand our conversations because they are in baby speak but she and I understand each other. We have a lot of great conversations!
So here’s the plan:
Last week I intended to finish these items:
Fingerless gloves. 
Fingerlss Gloves

I started knitting these in response to a request from my son. They just need to be stitched up along the edges. Not a real time consuming task really. You can read about this request in an earlier post.

Bowls being quilted

Microwavable Fabric Bowls. Okay so I showed a set of these that I had finished in an earlier post. Well at the time I started those I also cut out three more of the smaller ones to be able to give a set of four. Last week I intended to get these smaller pieces quilted. Well I did that and then assembled them and all I have left to do is press and top stitch them. Almost done!

The other item was some knickers for the rag doll who is waiting to get dressed. 
So this is where I am at now:
Still need to do the fingerless gloves, finish the small fabric bowls and the knickers. But I also want to finish some work I started this week.

First Cupcake Hat
Cupcake Hat

I made a hat for Samantha when she was first born but she didn’t get to wear it much because it was a little small for her. So I started another one. It needs a cherry yet and the ends tucked in but I have a mistake on it which I will correct first. Just waiting for her arrival so I can check to see how it fits her. I’m also making some slippers for her using the same yarn.

New Cupcake Hat

Rag Doll
Second Rag Doll Face

I started another doll face. All it needs is some more eyelashes and then she will be ready for damp stretching. After that I need to make a modified pattern for her body and arms. And I have another face ready to be embroidered. This one will be blue eyes and reddish brown brows and lashes. Trying to decide if I want to stay with the red lips or try out some pink ones.

Today I will be watching my granddaughter Samantha so some of my progress will depend on how much she sleeps today. When she’s awake she has my full attention!
Oh yes and I did clean my cutting table and set it on bed risers to make it easier to cut without having to bend over. But alas it once again needs to be cleaned off.
If I don’t make it back today with an update I will try and do one tomorrow.
Until then,
Happy Moving Forward and Finishing!


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karen said...

Oh Rose, I wouldn't stitch either if I had something so precious to cuddle. She is beautiful and looks so peaceful....