Friday, February 5, 2016

Finish It Friday

Well that wasn’t so bad after all. I’m referring to the UFO Challenge I joined this year. No the redwork quilt did not get finished but I’ve got 9 blocks completed and I’m working on the 10th one. I figure if I do one a week all 20 will be ready for the next step in just 10 weeks. 
Nine Blocks and Counting

What is the next step? I’m not sure. Originally I planned to do had embroidery as in crazy quilting on all of the blocks. I did a little on one block and now I’m not sure. I could use my basic machine and do some machine embroidery. The other area I’m considering is putting sashing and corner stones between the blocks. One of the concerns I have is all though I pre-washed all of my fabrics when I sprayed a few with Best Press the red ran into the white areas. Now this quilt is for me so that doesn’t bother me but I had thought to do white sashing with red dots or white with red embroidery. Now I don’t know.

The Samantha Doll
So for the UFO Challenge the next number drawn on February 1 was number five. Number five on my list was something that wasn’t really truly a UFO but I had intended to finish it by Christmas as a present for my granddaughter and I missed that date so I added it to my list just so it would get done this year. I have been working on it though so I’m almost finished with it. Maybe that will be my Finish It Friday today. Just some hand stitching and I’ll be done. And that means I will be done with the February UFO Challenge.

I did take another look at my list though as the doll was something I wanted to finish before I started the next three dolls which have an April deadline and if that number 5 hadn’t have come up I would be challenged to not only finish the doll but work on another UFO. So I wondered what else I had on my list that might be holding up a deadline if it’s number got pulled way after it’s deadline. I’m happy to say everything else on that list passed any concerns I might have had.

Happy Finishings!