Thursday, January 26, 2017

From a Child’s Mouth

So yesterday I spent most of the day with my grandchildren at my daughter’s house. While I was there my five year old grandson wanted me to put a certain program on their TV. Now they have at least three controls that operate their equipment and each is different and none of them worked the same as the controls I use at home. And although I am up in years I have a lot of background in computers and such, so it's not my lack of ability to understand but I just never paid too much attention when his mother explained their different controls and what each one was used for.

So I wasn’t having much success in filling his request and he was getting impatient and I was getting frustrated. So in frustration I just said “I don’t understand how these work, you’ll just have to wait until your mother can help us”.
 So from there this is the conversation between the two of us:

Him: Well why not? You’re an adult you should know everything.
Me: Yes I am an adult and I know more than a child but I don’t know everything.
Him: Oh, like I know more than Samantha (his two year old sister).
Me: That’s right.
Him: And Samantha knows more than baby Dean (Dean is a 4 month old baby who my daughter and her husband have welcomed into their home with his mother while she gets her world in order).
Me: Yes exactly.
Him: Except God, He knows everything!
Me: Yes that’s right!
Him: Cause he made everything.

So we have a problem that needed a better solution than the one I gave him. He didn’t tell me to pray about it, he didn’t tell me how ignorant I was, or how bad I was. He didn’t call me names or start saying ugly words to me. What he said was:

“Maybe you should move in with us and learn how to use them.”

In other words maybe you should do something that would solve the problem or at least try to help solve the problem.

I don’t know if anyone will understand why I posted this or not but I hope at least a few get it.

And no I’m not moving in with them to solve this problem. What I did do: I waited until his mother arrived and asked her to tell me again how to use the controls to get to his programs. And this time I paid attention. I listened. I let her explanation sink in. And this time I think I got it!