Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Another Quick Pop In

Palestrina Stitch Scribble

Just a brief update for the stitching challenge. This week we were given the Palestrina stitch to learn or practice. I’ve never worked this stitch but every time I see it in one of my many embroidery books I think I need to try this stitch. So finally I’ve done it and I like it! This will definitely be going on my go to stitches list. I’m already planning on where to use it next. I didn’t experiment with it too much but will definitely work on different ways of doing it. I do prefer the close stitched ones the best.
Close Up of the Palestrina stitch worked close together

 Now the previous week’s stitch is a different story. After many attempts (at least 4) and then seeking out a video of someone working the Cable Chain stitch I finally got it. But it is not one of my favorite stitches for sure! I have seen some great uses of this stitch from others working the weekly stitches.
Cable Chain Stitch Scribble

Happy stitching!



Queeniepatch said...

Both stitches are perfect for lines and scribbles. There is a good flow to both, just like handwriting, don't you think?

KippysSoMature said...

Oooh! these look just lovely!

Rose said...

thank you both! Yes Queenie they both worked well for my scribbles. I'm surprised at how many stitches are working fine with my lines.