Monday, November 12, 2012

Paper Embroidery Tip

Need to punch holes in paper for paper embroidery? I was doing this recently for the online class (An Embroiderer’s Ledger). The paper in my journal was quite thick and I was having difficulty getting the needle through. After nearly creasing the paper a few times I decided there must be a way to make this easier.

Small padded surface

I grabbed a small padded surface I had close by and put it behind my page. Now I could just push the needle through the paper into the padding. Worked great!

Black foam pad

I now use a piece of thick craft foam (from the children's craft section) for this process but a piece of dense foam, thick foamcore board, or a handmade padded surface would also work. A flat piece of Styrofoam would also do the trick. Of course some of these would begin to crumble or become unusable if you use it a lot.

And some of these would dull your needle faster so you may need to sharpen your needle every now and then. You could use one of my needle candies for this!

Happy Stitching!   Rose

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finally Getting Started…

Workbook entry for Embroidery Ledger class

Several years ago something had happened (I don’t remember what) that made me begin to ask God to show me why I became so upset over criticism both good and bad. Didn’t seem to matter my blood would begin to boil. As I prayed, a day in my life came to mind, one which I had totally forgotten about, well at least conscientiously.

I was back in first grade. For some reason the school had decided to combine some first and second graders into one class. I think it was to be a combination class of some kind not two separate classes. I don’t think the teacher was too happy about it and was teaching us as two separate classes.

One day she told the first graders to color in their workbook while she worked with the second graders. I tried to get her attention but she told me to be quiet and start coloring. So I was obedient.

Well a little while later she came by my desk picked up my workbook and held it up to the class “Look what Rose did, she colored everything yellow.” Well of course the whole class, first and second graders laughed. I came from a rather large poor family. What they didn’t know was that was the only color I had that day and that is what I had been trying to tell the teacher when she hushed me.

I wanted to cry, I was so embarrassed. Since then I have been super sensitive to other’s reactions.

Once I realized what was the root of my feelings I was able to overcome my super sensitivity and accept and value the opinions of others.

I have been considering doing something with the color yellow ever since then. A body of work called “Look, she colored everything yellow!”. It will be at least a quilt, a collage, and an embroidery piece. I love the color yellow! So in the Embroiders Ledger Class that I have been taking I started a page based on the color yellow with only black and white added. I’m really enjoying how this project is turning out. It will definitely have an influence on the body of work I will do. Stay tuned as it progress.

Close up of workbook entry


I’ve done the buttonhole wheel cup stitch. I like this stitch I’ve done it before in my Brazilian embroidery work. This time I just scribbled a few round lines and then did a yellow buttonhole wheel cup stitch in the center and a different colored one around the yellow ones. Then I finished off the line with a green buttonhole stitch. I considered doing the detached buttonhole with it also but decided not to since I still have two other stitches to complete in order to catch up.

Now I’m caught up! What a good feeling.


The closed base detached needlewoven picot was fun to do. I can see this with a whole field of them. It took a while to do the really long ones but it was worth the effort.

The open base detached needlewoven picot stitch first made me think of doing a lizard with the tongue as the stitch. I decided instead to try and make little flags. They came out okay except I would have liked the tips to be more pointed. When I did the first one I wasn’t too sure of how they would turn out but now that I’ve done the whole string of them I rather like them. I do love to weave!

Happy Stitching!