Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome to Finish It Friday!

Years ago my dad told me that his mother always said “Don’t start anything new on Friday because you will never finish it”. I don’t know why he told me about it, maybe I was starting a new project on Friday. Maybe he knew that I had a lot of unfinished projects and thought I had started them on a Friday.
I do have a lot of unfinished projects. No shame. They are in that state for a lot of different reasons. Not necessarily because they were started on a Friday. I honestly don’t have any idea if any of them were started on a Friday.
But just thinking about what my dad said made me think I would start a “Finish It Friday”. On Fridays I will choose something that is almost done and could be finished easily in one day. That will be my project for that Friday.
So this is the first Friday of my new plan.
I have a tub (not a really big one!) of projects that are almost finished. Some knitting and crocheting that just need finishing touches. Like weaving in the ends of a scarf I made my son-in-law for Christmas and a pair of fingerless gloves I made my daughter. Then there is stitching together a cowl, a head band, and a pair of fingerless gloves. All easy, doable get it done projects! I think this will be a good start for me. Then I plan to identify other projects that are close to being finished and prepped them for next Friday. This should also encourage me to work on projects that are in the WISP stage (Works In Slow Progress) that will require more than one day to finish.
I must confess though, it is difficult to not start a new project today.
Hmmm should I note what day I start a project on? Just to see if any of them happen on a Friday? Or should I deliberately start a new project on a Friday to see what happens and test out my grandmother’s theory?

I wrote this post at the beginning of my day. Now here at the end of the day are photos of my accomplishments for my first Finish It Fridays.

Changed my mind. I decided to post this now so I have some accountability. I was going to post some before pictures now but just got an urgent call from my daughter. She is recovering from surgery and needs some help with her son. So I’m leaving to go enjoy them. I have my projects packed to go with me. Be back later with the results!

Hey I'm back! Here are the projects I chose for today:

Projects to be finished today

Yes they really are that simple! A scarf with tails, fingerless gloves with tails, fingerless gloves to stitch up and three cowls to stitch the ends together. That's all that was lacking before they could be labeled done!
Projects done!
And done! Well except for the brown cowl. That had to wait because I didn't have enough of the yarn to sew it together. Miscalculated. Now I need to check my stash for a brown that will blend in or purchase another skein of this yarn.
Not a lot of work but a good start to encourage myself that this is doable! Thanks for looking!



margaret said...

I wish your daughter a speedy recovery, happy babysitting. Well I hope your Dad is wrong as yesterday I cut over 50 economy blocks out and have stitched 16 so far

karen said...

love 'wisp' abbreviation in SLOW progress. I might adopt it as a favourite saying. Well done on finishing your pieces. I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back

JennyPennyPoppy said...

It's such a good feeling to finish a project and you managed to finish so many all at once! The fingerless gloves look great.

Judy Nolan said...

I agree with you that the act of posting your results (as well as your intent) helps you to be more accountable to yourself. I like the idea of your Finish It Friday challenge!