Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well it’s Saturday!

I missed posting my WWW - What I’ve Been Working On Wednesday.
And I missed posting my FIF – Finish It Friday.

I haven’t been working on much this week so I wasn’t into posting my lack of progress. I really should have worked on a few items that I would like to get finished, they may have even been fodder for my FIF this week. But I didn’t. I did do some stitching on a quilt I’m putting together for Wounded Warriors. I picked up the “kit” at one of my Friendship Stitchers gathering and have been slowly working on it. I discovered that it didn’t contain the correct amount of pieces for the design so I need to check my stash (and maybe buy some fabric to supplement what I have! LOL and excuse to shop for fabric!!) And I did have another order of button yoyo flowers from my Etsy shop that I needed to get in the mail. But that’s about it.

First of four flash cards
When Friday rolled around I kept thinking I could finish my first set of geometric shape flash cards. But when I looked at it I would not be able to finish them on Friday because I needed to damp stretch them once the embroidery was done and that would take overnight to dry. So scratch that. 

Then I thought about doing a fleece scarf for my grandson that I had planned to do from some leftover fabric from this project. 
Grandson with his sleeping mat for school
But that didn’t get done either. I know I’m not the only one who has days where the time just seems to drift away and not much gets done but I don’t like having those days very much.

So I think I’ll try and make up for it today by moving a few projects forward in preparations to getting them finished.

Oh yes and my daughter contacted me with another project she would like me to do so we have some planning and prototyping to do for that.

Just Keep on stitching!


margaret said...

We all fail to reach targets sometimes do not worry about it as when you do share things they are always lovely

Rose said...

Thank you Margaret! You always have kind and encouraging words to say!

karen said...

yes Rose.....daughters are very good at coming up with projects for us aren't they. Your Grandson looks adorable!!