Thursday, January 9, 2014

What I’ve Been Working On Wednesday

I know, I know it’s Thursday. Still trying to get on track with my postings. I’ve been busy doing some design work for the Quilters’ Guild of Arlington. No not a quilt! A postcard for our upcoming May Festival of Quilts Show and a bookmark detailing our meetings, workshops and general information.
I haven’t used Photoshop for any design work for quite a while. It’s been a re-learning process and of course I just jumped right in with no pre-planning. That reminds me of why I should do some paper sketching first I think. I was in a hurry last minute deadline you understand. Now in hindsight it probably would have gone a lot faster and smoother if I had paused to sketch my ideas first.

Front of the Post Card
Here’s my results. 
Thankfully they were well received!
Back of the Post Card
 If you will be in the Dallas area the first part of May (May 2nd and/or 3rd) come check our show out!
Bookmark Front
Bookmark Back
Other than that I’m just trying to straighten up my work area so I can find things and get more sewing/quilting/crafting done. Still have a little more to do and then of course organizing everything will take a little more time. My husband’s comment was “wow now we can actually see the floor and walk around in here!” I think I’ll take some pictures when I have it done and post them up so I can remind myself of how good it looks de-cluttered and hopefully encourage myself to keep it that way. We shall see!

Happy Designing (and straightening up if you are like me)!



margaret said...

laughing at the bottom sentence straighten up if you like me, can you see me slouching in my chair? an even worse site when I try to stand and walk away!

Rose said...

Haha Margaret! I meant straighten up your workspace not your posture! LOL