Monday, July 13, 2015

OK It's Monday Night Time for a Tip

Recently I've been working on this little project.
Sunflower applique
I finished doing the leaves and petals and am about to do the center. As I looked at it I realized the fabric I had originally intended to use for the center just wasn't working for me. It seemed too busy.
So I selected a few other choices from my stash but was having a hard time deciding what to use. So I thought it would be a good idea to make a color copy of my work and also a second copy of the black and white pattern I had been using. With those in hand I thought I could cut the middle section from the black and white paper and use it as a guide for cutting out the center of the color copy of my work. Then I could audition fabrics until I found one I liked.
Well because I also make a lot of fabric yo yos I could have just cut the circles from the fabric and made yo yos from the ones I didn't use. But then not everyone likes to make those and I thought this would make a great idea for my Monday night blog post. So here are some photos to show the results. (Sorry the photos are not that great but I think you will get the idea.)
Photocopies of the project and pattern
Original fabric choice
Fabric is too light
Color doesn't seem right
Fabric is a little bit better
Planning to use this one because I want it to be dark.
So there is where I'm at. I think I may look through my stash for some more dark browns to try. I definitely want a dark brown.
I could also have just scanned the fabric in and used my computer to try out different ones but I didn't have my computer with me so I did it this way.
Happy Monday


margaret said...

personally I like your original fabric best!! Wonder what you will decide on. does the circle have to be so big? or could you do a smaller one, the hole does not look so large or maybe it is the camera making it look large

karen said...

I do like this just as it the colours....

C. Heinrichs Good Earth Quilting said...

Yes, I agree, the darker center the better! Thanks for following me, I've joined your blog too!