Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello there! WWW

Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts! My surgery went well. The tumor was a very small one and only Stage 1A cancer so no more treatment is needed, just watching me closely for a while. I’m feeling great just have to be sure I don’t overdo it with lifting etc.
I have been slowly getting back into stitching so this is what I have in progress this Wednesday.
I finished a block for my quilt guild’s monthly block exchange, I’m only two blocks behind now!
Scrappy Blues Block

My first fifteen minute project is now complete. It was surprisingly easy to keep it going. The day of surgery and two days of recovery did not see any stitching but I made it up later in the week by stitching extra fifteen minute periods. Thirty eight days later the monkey is now done but I think he will just go in the box with all the rest of my TAST2012 pieces. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. (Please don’t ask how many French Knots are in that piece!) I did add ears which were not in the original scribble. Generally I do not add any lines or scribbles to one once the pencil leaves the paper or fabric but he just needed some ears so they were scribbled in.
French knot monkey 15 minutes a day priject
I’ve gotten back to working on my summer hexagon project that I started last year using embroidery designs from Wild Olive. I modified a few of them. This is my first time making hexagons and I struggled with sewing them together. I worked at it during a few of the Friendship Stitchers group I belong to. Then I decided I really want to get it finished (I have the designs for Fall, Winter, and now Spring waiting in the sidelines). So I started doing it as one of my just fifteen minutes a day projects but I got carried away with it and worked more than fifteen minutes. So it is getting done a little faster than expected.

Summer Hexagon Embroidery Pioject
Painted hoops
Next I painted some outer embroidery hoop frames in anticipation of another Finish It Friday project. I’m hoping this Friday to have some results to show.

Happy Stitching! 



margaret said...

such good news re the op and results, thank the Lord. Now enjoy your recovery and all the best for the next 20+ years. Love all you have done, the monkey looks so good and I am sure the added ears add to his expression. Hot sure why you are struggling with joining the hexies, I lie mine flat side by side and this way can use any colour of cotton as no stitches show, when I backed them up it did not work so well, hope this helps,

Rose said...

Thank you Margaret! About the hexies I think you need to give us a tutorial on how to lay then flat side by side and stitch them together. I hold mine in my hand when stitching them together, do you have them laying on a table?

karen said...

it's wonderful to have you back Rose!!