Saturday, April 7, 2012

See I Can Do This!

Back again with an update to TAST 2012:
This week’s assignment was the satin stitch. This is a stitch I’ve used a lot and so it came fairly easy. First I did my scribble (for a while I was calling this doodling but realized it’s really a scribble that I sometimes doodle in with thread and color). I tried to keep it simple as I really wanted something I could finish quickly. When I stopped and looked at it there seemed to be a bird of sorts looking back at me. So I decided to go with that idea.
But Is It a Bird? Satin stitch sampler

The satin stitching was done in rows using my favorite color yellow in variegated pearl cotton. Then I did the beak as it appeared again with a satin stitch and some orange pearl cotton. The eye was done with French knots using black DMC thread and white pearl cotton. Using some variegated blue pearl cotton a encapsulated the bird with a chain stitch. I love how it came out but I’m not sure it’s a bird (at least any known bird) so I named the piece “But Is It a Bird?”.  I’m still considering filling in the rest of the body.

Other happenings:

I’ve been trying to make a driver’s cap for my grandson Jaden with my own modified pattern. Commercial patterns are sized for a one year old or larger and he’s only 6 months. The hats are either too big or too small. Finally I made one to fit his head but the sides of the hat are too short so back to the drawing board!
I did get a cushion covered for him that gives just enough support under his jumper so he can rest his feet and jump. He won’t be needing it for long though!

Now for a praise report!
My son had surgery to place implants in both the top and bottom gums. They found more bone than expected and so were able to do all of it at once. Praise God! After not having any teeth for so long he looks great! You can read more about it at Mo’ Bettah Smile.

I have just finished reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. What an amazing book! I’ve started my own list and hope to incorporate some of them in my embroidery and collage work. My daughter gifted me with the book as a thank you (one of many I’ve received from her) for watching her son Jaden (my grandson is welcome in my home and heart any time!).

  1. Sunshine and Rain
  2. Flowers that bloom
  3. Baby snuggled sweet in my arms
  4. Giggles

That’s all for now! Be back Monday with a tip that I think embroiderers will like. At least those who work with a hoop that has a tightening screw.

Happy Easter and Happy Stitching,



Ms Sharma said...

Wow! Rose your work is so beautiful and so much creativity.I would love to go through your work at leisure.

Keep posting

libbyquilter said...

i think your bird is a cross between a rubber ducky and a toucan . . . quite exotic~!
great stitching.

little jaden looks so cute and i bet that he does bring a lot of joy to your life. and giggles.

have a beautiful easter.

Masha Novoselova said...

nice bird with satin stitches! :)

Annet said...

It's a cute little bird!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your satin stitching is beautiful. And I do, indeed, see a lovely bird in it!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your doodle bird is very nicely done! I haven't read One Thousand Gifts yet but I have a hold on it from our library :)